Offensive Content Disclaimer

Open Stage media(OSM) is an independent public access corporation. The programs that are cablecast on our channels are produced by volunteer community producers and providers for the benefit of the residents of Schenectady. We are obligated, under current Federal Law and the Cable Franchise Agreement, to respect the First Amendment rights of all access producers whether or not we agree with the subject matter. Access producers are community volunteers and not employees of OSM; the opinions expressed in the program that you watched do not reflect the views of this company.

Throughout the day OSM runs disclaimers which advise viewer discretion when viewing our channels. Furthermore, we advise our viewers that OSM is not responsible for the content of any program. As a general rule, a Public Access facility cannot reject a program because of its content, nor can they screen programs in advance unless there is reason to believe that a law has been broken.

Cablecast time on OSM’s channels is provided free of charge to the community. In addition, OSM provides cameras, switching equipment, a production studio and training to Schenectady residents who are interested in exercising their First Amendment rights. However, we are no more responsible for the content of programs that air on our channels than a librarian is responsible for the content of books on the library’s shelf.

For over twenty years, Public Access Television has been a fixture on the American landscape. The public is provided a tiny window in the enormous wall of electronic communications to express their opinions. These opinions and other forms of expression are protected under the First Amendment to the Constitution.

Community Television is a valuable resource where people of all races, religions and varying opinions can express themselves freely. We also serve not-for-profit groups, educational institutions and many grass roots organizations seeking to have their voices heard.